Try Not To Have Regrets When It Comes To Love.


If you love someone work at the issues, because if you don't they will be the one that got away.

We all had that one person that got away. Whether it was timing, or they moved, or just things got to hard because of one of their lives. But how many people do you want to say in your life that, they were the one and they just got away from no fault of their own, but because of you?

I have always felt there are several people right for us and they come in and out of our lives for a reason. But when they come in your life you better be ready for them, because as quick as they came in is as quick as they can go out. We all have to make sacrifices for our relationships to make them work. If you aren't willing to make those sacrifices than you won't be able to be with that person. 

Everyone has baggage in our lives and that baggage is a test for the true people who are supposed to be in our lives. Reality is that everyone's life is hard at some point. We have things come up that we never planned for and can not control, but how you react to them is the true test of your character. 

So when you have those feelings you have never felt for anyone before, do the best you can to keep them! Because at the end of the day life is about being happy, loved and patient. If people loved more instead of being angry or hurtful I think a lot of people would be happier and stay with their partners longer.

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