Listen, Guys: 5 Things Women Wish You Didn't Do In Relationships

what women want in relationships
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A breakup is imminent if you don't correct these issues in your relationship!

Men, there are certain things you do that we women really wish you wouldn't do, you know, those bad habits. Want to know what they are? Well, I've got the list of the most talked about ones.

1. You always choose "guy time" with your buddies over her. Now, I understand that sometimes we all need a break and to get that break our friends are the first place we go to. But if you are with them more than your woman, she will probably start to feel neglected and resent you for it.

2. You've gotten a little too comfortable with her. I understand that comfort is good, but if you gain weight and don't get dressed up to go out with your lady, this will irritate her and make her question if she really wants to be with you. Of course, this goes both ways for women and men.

3. You aren't romantic enough. Every woman loves surprises so you need to keep that up regardless of how long you've been in a relationship her. A bouqet of flowers, a handwritten card or even cooking dinner for her can do wonders to make her feel appreciated! Even a massage when she has had a long day would help her out! Keep reading...

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