Why Dating Your Friends Isn't A Good Idea

Couple Tension

Having one of your guys or girls dumping you to try to be with your friend.

When you are talking to one of my friends and you find out that you aren't as compatible as you thought you would be; please do not go to their friend and tell them "hey your friend is great, but I think you and I would be more compatible," because if you are someone like me the first thing I do is say screw you and then I call that said friend.

I recently had this happen to me and I can not believe he had the balls to do it. And while he was chatting me up he was still talking to my friend. Now I have admitted my player ways, but I would never do this. First off, you can be a player and play with a girls or guys friends, but not a friend that is really close, an acquaintance is the better option. Because honestly going for someone who is really close to that girl you are more likely to lose both than gain a sexual partner. Now the guy that did this is trying to be a player, but unfortunately for him he tried to get a player as well.

Because he was trying to holler at the girl who practices these games very well he got dropped by both and laughed at for being an ass. Now for further use for men and girls alike if you think a friend would be a better option for you, first break all ties with the current person, then at least wait a couple of weeks and then try with the other friend. You may get the same result, but at least you don't look like a complete fool or asshole. Now luckily for my friend she didn't care, because she was already starting to realize this guy was a loser, but if she would have had feelings for this guy then it probably would of been messy for all people involved. Also lucky for me my friend knows me well enough that I would not take sloppy seconds and knows that I would tell her that the guy was trying to play her.

With all that said men and women if you want to play the game then at least know the rules and try not to make yourself look like an ass. Trying to get with multiple girls who are friends would rarely work out. Now I know some men are ok with having their friends sleep with the same girl, but with females it would rarely work out for the guy and the friends. And honestly word of mouth is deadly for anyone, people believe gossip more than truth which is sad, but true. And once it gets around you are an asshole its hard to live that down.

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