Successful Women Please Stand Up


Do women have to "dumb it down" in order to get a man?

I have been dating for a while now and it seems it was a lot easier to date when I was in college and in high school. And I am wondering if it is because I am at a place in my life where I am successful, happy, and do not need anything from anyone? A lot of my friends are in the same spot. We are flourishing in our careers and financially content for our age anyways and have everything we want except for a partner.

So at what point are we too successful? Or is there such a thing? In the year 2012 there are more women in the workplace than there were in the 90's and even before the 90's, so because of that is the male ego having a major shock and not knowing how to deal with it? Because most of the men I have dated have had a hard time with my success and I am little confused on why they have such an issue with it? I have always preferred when I go on dates for it to be dutch. Just so there is no mistake on who has paid more or less. So with us paying fifty-fifty each date I am a little confused on why it matters what I bring in financially or what they bring in? Its not like I am asking them to sign a contract the first date for a pre-nup!

I understand that in the past for the male ego they are supposed to be the man and take care of the woman and family, but that isn't necessarily the case anymore. So I would hope that the men in my generation would stop being so touchy. My friends who are in the same boat as me think the same way. They are confused on why this has become such an issue! Shouldn't men just be happy they don't have to pay for two meals and only have to pay for one? Of course we are still expecting you to open the doors for us and still have good manners!

I just wish it didn't effect men so much when a woman was financially secure and happy in her life and just wanted a partner to share her life with. Because that's all I am looking for is a partner to go and travel with and to enjoy this crazy ride we call life. But they are making it really hard to do that when they are constantly looking to see if they measure up and if they don't measure up or should I say make more money than me than they run for the hills. Which is very disheartening! Hopefully this is just a dry run and after I turn 30 It will get better!

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