Sometimes It's Not Worth It To Try

Love, Self

When a relationship is toxic, sometimes its best to just move on and save yourself the heartache.

Relationships are hard and it's even harder when you and your partner are so different. But when is enough, enough? A lot of people stay longer in a relationship because they fear being alone and not finding another partner. But, maybe being alone is the best thing for you? You can learn about yourself and what you want in a partner and then maybe the next relationship will work. 

I was recently in a faux relationship and he had severe issues with alcohol. Now I am not a drinker so when I hear that he was drinking up to five days a week it was not easy for me to fathom. When people drink they are escaping their reality. And he would tell me he just wanted to be social with his friends. Well in my mind it is not that hard to be around alcohol and not drink. You have to have will power yes, but it can be done. 

Needless to say I broke things off with him, because I have already had an ex that did that and I refuse to do it again, no matter how much I like the person. People who drink that much are masking their problems and in my education in psychology I would rather them go into therapy and figure out why they feel the need to drink 4-6 times a week. 

Now I am not saying some people can not change, but this person has been doing this for 7 years so the chances of him changing are slim to none. I wish things could have been different with this person, but I do not want to have to pick up the pieces when he hits bottom. I have done that too many times with too many people. So all I can say is I wish the best for him and move on. 

So if you are in a similar situation please be aware most people do not change their habits unless they get professional help. But first they have to admit they have a problem and most don't get to that point. If only it was a perfect world and people realized their faults and tried to be the best person they can be. Because we only live this life once so why not be happy?

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