Single or Not to Be Single...

Single or Not to Be Single...

Why is being single such a bad thing for a woman?

I have been asked many times why I am single and if I ever think I will find "The One". My answer always remains the same. I would rather be happy alone than be unhappy with someone who isn't right for me.

I see my friends in relationships or faux relationships hoping and praying it will change and it will work out even though for months they have been questioning if that person is the one for them. In my mind you shouldn't have to question it. If it is right, you will know and not have to go back and forth all the time. It seems women romanticize bad relationships, because when it is good, damn, is it good, but when it is bad, damn is it bad. But when there are more bad times than good why bother?

Life is short and if it takes me until I am fifty to find the person I am supposed to be with I would rather wait than be in endless relationships that hurt me and them. My most recent relationship was the back and forth kind, but after a while it gets monotonous because they do not change and the same things happen over and over. I do not want my life on rewind I want to move forward and enjoy the fact that I am alive and relatively happy with how everything is going in my life. I do not need drama from someone who may or may not be the right one. So if you are in a similar back and forth relationship, really start thinking deep down what is it all worth?

The heartache with the back and forth and that person constantly saying it isn't them, but yet it is them and always was. Do not sell yourself short, because again this is your life not theirs the person you are supposed to be with is someone who will enrich your life not make it harder. So the answer to everyone's question is, yes, I prefer to be single until I find that person who will make my life better, easier, and happier with them in it instead of the opposite.

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