Single And Fabulous!

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Being single is not a bad thing! Embrace being single & enjoy loving yourself & working on yourself!

Being single is an awesome thing! I know we have been conditioned to be in a relationship at all times and pretend to be happy with the person who is just there, because you don't want to be alone. But throw that ideology out of your mind! Being single is a fabulous thing and it gives you time and experience to know who you are and what you want!

Women are often afraid if they aren't in a relationship or have never been in a successful relationship that they are doomed for failure for the rest of their lives. But that is simply not true! Having relationships that don't work out are great learning experiences and you learn so much about yourself and how you handled that failed relationship and you should accept that information and experience and process it so it doesn't become a pattern in future relationships!

Some people are just simply not ready to be in an exclusive relationship with someone and that is why they screw up relationships with their significant others. Such as being too jealous or being too clingy or even arguing over things that are so stupid that you wonder afterwards, why you were even fighting? These patterns you set with that person will continue until you fix your insecurities in yourself! Especially new relationships! If you start a pattern of fighting over little things or being jealous that they are out with their friends without you; these issues will continue to be an issue in your relationship, because you have set the bar so high for your partner that they are afraid to do anything wrong! And who wants to feel like they are stepping on egg shells around someone they like or love?

Being single gives men and women time to realize what they are looking for in themselves not just in a partner, but in life itself. Such as a career, family life, or even if they are happy with their habits or personalities. Everyone always has something to work on with themselves and it is better to figure out those things you want to change before you are in a relationship with someone! That way you don't have to continue to check yourself of old patterns with a new person you are dating. 

By being single and secure in who you are first and foremost is the most important! That way you can know immediately if someone will work with you and if they don't you can move on sooner than wasting your time and theirs! Life is short! Too short to be with the wrong person for you and to regret spending that time with that person for longer than necessary!

So if you are single, embrace it! Learn about who you are, what you want in life,  the type of wo/men you want, and if you are happy with your career. Figure out where you want to be in ten years, but figure it out without a man or woman! Because once your life is put together and you are sincerely happy where you are in your life, your prince charming or princess will come in! And that person will enrich your life, make it happier, easier, and you would also be able to make theirs that way as well! Happiness with yourself is far more important than any wo/man! No matter what your friends, t.v., or movies will tell you!

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