Really? Aren't We Better Than This?

Really? Aren't We Better Than This?
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Feuding girlfriends and it's always about men.

Lately, a group of my friends have been feuding for one reason or another. A lot of backstabbing and talking behind each others backs have been occuring. Why is it always with females? Most of my life I have surrounded myself with men, because they are less drama, well most of them. So why can't women be the same?

I recently went out with one of my closest friends and we were all having a good night until all of a sudden the mood changed. You could feel the air just shift and it was all because I was sitting on top of a friends lap. Now mind you I have known this person since high school and so had all my friends we were with. So it was like because I was sitting there with him it was not allowed. Last time I checked I am single and so is he. So if he and I were to hook up, it would not have been any one's business but ours. But for some reason it was a major issue. Of course myself and said guy laughed that this was such a huge drama for them, but it makes me question who really is my friend in that group. Because after the fact I got the run down of what was said out of their mouths and I am thinking, "Are you serious?" 

Whether it is jealousy or people being pissed off for not getting attention at that particular moment I don't know and with my personality I really don't care. I am allowed to do what ever I want as is everyone else that is single or hell even married or taken. That's your business. I just don't get why people can't focus on their own lives and leave other peoples lives alone. Because regardless what I do or they do it has no effect on theirs or mine, well it shouldn't. 

Being so involved in other peoples lives makes me think something is seriously wrong with theirs. Drama, gossip, backstabbing, all of the above is not cute nor is it necessary especially at this age. Oh high school why oh why can't you go away already! I know a lot of other women feel the same as I do!

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