Oh the Joys of Dating How We Love Thee


How long distance relationships are for the strong willed and how some are looking for a quick fix.

Something is definitely in the water! The past few months my guy friends have become more needy and my girlfriends have become more feisty and more about the "booty call". It seems men have decided, at least this month, that they are looking for love and some are definitely looking in the wrong places. 

I have had four guy friends come to me and complain about their love lives and hey, I am all about giving advice, but when you are telling me you are looking for someone not in the same city or state that you are in, than you have more problems than just finding the right girl! Self esteem is a tricky thing either some have it or don't or are working on it. In my mind, self esteem is ALWAYS a work in progress. But the fact that my girlfriends who actually have their crap together and are working on themselves right now and aren't focusing on relationships and men and its the men having panic attacks is hilarious to me. Maybe its their age? Not sure what it is! Maybe its in the stars and the alignment?

Where was I, anyway . . .  so the friends that I have that are trying to find girls in different cities and states, now this may not be a bad thing depending on who you are, but if you have a huge issue with trust I wouldn't recommend this! Some people work better with some distance in between them and their relationships are longer lasting when they have a city or two between them. I personally could not handle that for long anyway. But there are some people who can handle this and are very self assured and very self aware. Now when I say self aware I mean exactly that! They know who they are and they know what they will deal with and what they won't deal with. They know who they are. A lot of people in this world do NOT know who they are. Either they are saving face for someone or they are faking for someone, pretending for a group, or just never took the time to figure out who they are and to be happy with who they truly are. So with long distance relationships this will take a lot more work than a normal relationship. So before you embark on this I recommend you think about the time and effort you will have to put into not only the relationship with the other person but with yourself as well!

Now with the other men I have been giving advice to, it seems we have been having issues with reality. Some are not realizing if they are actually in a relationship with someone or if it is just a friendship. I find this really odd since normally it is women who are always questioning where they stand in a relationship. So like I said earlier maybe the planets have changed a bit and the men are getting a piece of what women feel. My girlfriends are actually saying they just want sex, no muss no fuss just a sexual relationship and THEY are afraid that the men may get attached! So it definitely has been an interesting few months! It will be interesting to see what the summer will bring! 

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