No One Ever Wants To Be Wrong

No One Ever Wants To Be Wrong
Love, Heartbreak

Why people can't own up to their mistakes and because they cannot, they may lose relationships.

Many people cannot own up to their mistakes and in my mind that is just sad. I'm a very forgiving person and if someone did something wrong and apologized, than I would accept their apology and move on. But it really is unnerving and sad when someone cannot admit that they did something wrong. Maybe it's a maturity issue with those people, who knows? But a lot of friendships and relationships end because of someone not owning up to their mistakes.

I recently had this issue with a man that was my best friend. He refused to admit that he did anything wrong in our relationship and because he cannot apologize and say, "You know what I can see what you are saying," he told me, "fuck you." People who have a hard time admitting their faults will always have issues maintaining friendships and relationships, because part of relationships are fights, break ups, and make ups. If I make mistakes I own up to them, because I will learn from those mistakes and know that if something happens like this situation again than I will know how to handle it.

I wish I can change what happened between myself and my friend, but unfortunately I can't. I have no hard feelings towards him and I wish him the best in his future. Hopefully in the future when his anger has lessened he will see it from a different side. But if that never happens, it will be sad for him and for me.

Life is about living and growing and if you can not see what your strengths are and your weaknesses, than you will always end up being the same person and not learning. I am learning every day; who I am and what I am capable of. I hope I will continue to learn and work on the things I know I need to work on. I just wish everyone was the same way.

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This article was originally published at Luv and Relationships. Reprinted with permission from the author.