Living in the Past

Living in the Past
Love, Heartbreak

Learning to stop looking back and learning to look at the present and future and move forward.

I am turning thirty later this year and as they say, I am not getting any younger! But I can say in the past month I have felt better about myself and where I am and where I am going in a long time. Its really easy to always look in the past, see the past failures and sob over them and think about the changes you would make. Well here is a tip: YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THEM! So now that you know that look at what you want to change in the present and in the future. Once you get rid of the past bullshit and know no matter if you think about it for the second time or the millionth time it is NOT going to change the outcome!

I have been reorganizing some things in my life and moving on from what could have been, should have been, might have been. That's all well and good but I am ready for the what IS going to be and what is happening NOW and SOON not what maybe would have if I would have done this or if I would have tried harder or if he would of. So many IFS. And I am tired of not living my life! So many people look at the past and romanticize it. They think it was this beautiful thing and if they would have done one or two things differently than it would have worked out with a man or with a career or with anything. But if that is the case then why isn't it still working out? If something that is only being hindered by one or two factors it would have more of a chance to make it work if that were the case!

Relationships are a funny thing. Once the relationship is over women and men look back and think over and over what went wrong and what could have changed and worked. If we spent all the energy and time thinking about the past and put that into the present WOW your life would have a complete turn around! Because at the end of the day it didn't work out for a specific reason, otherwise everything would be all peaches and cream! So just remember that everything happens for a reason so even if your life isn't working out the way you thought,wait a few months or a year and you will see what the point of all that confusion was for!

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