Divorce Woes

Divorce Woes
Family, Heartbreak

Watching the aftermath of a divorce through the eyes of the daughter.

My Mom is going through her second divorce and I know most would say how sad, but I couldn't be happier for her and the decision she has made. Her soon to be ex was the most conniving, arrogant and dysfunctional man I have ever met in my life. With that being said unfortunately for her she has gone through a lot with him, because of how dysfunctional he is. 

When she first met him, he was newly separated and he had three kids. I had told her the first day I met him at 17 to run as fast as she could. There was something about him that I hated, I knew that he was a user and a womanizer I could just feel this in the air whenever he was around. It felt like he just took over the whole house when he was there and he tried too immediately! My Mom has always been with someone, before him she was with my Dad for over twenty years and so with her mindset she was not used to being alone. So no sooner than their first date they were a couple to my shock and annoyment. 

My Mom and I bought a house together and she had promised he and his children wouldn't move in, well that lasted less than six months and here he and his kids were in MY house. Needless to say they were married two years later, they eloped, I was told in a very bad way that ended in screaming and me telling my Mom to get the house out of my name asap! Which they did.

Throughout their marriage my Mom and I paid for the majority of the bills, her husband was paying for spousal support and child support. So he barely paid a third of the bills in the household for the 9 years they were married. So now that they are finally divorcing he is actually trying to take the house my Mom and I bought together! And he hasn't paid spousal support that was ordered back in November. So it is very interesting to me that this person who called everyone else a liar and a thief is now trying to steal from my Mom what is rightfully hers. And is saying what a horrible person she is when all my Mom did is take care of him and paid for his kids and all of his bills when he couldn't because of his responsibilities to his kids and ex wife

It is almost over thank goodness for my Mom. Because after ten plus years with this manipulative lunatic she has realized he has used her for his benefit and once she wouldn't give anymore he turned on her. I am hopeful that she will find a good man in the future that will love her for her caring nature, because she does deserve that! Every woman deserves a good man that will treat her well!

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