Bad Pick Up Lines

Deep Breath

Never use these lines to a woman! If you want a girl the best thing to say is hi how are you?

Men are so bad at picking up girls! They have to try to be funny and that humor is lost on us, because all we want is a guy to say, "Hi, how are you?" That is the best ice breaker when you find someone attractive. 

Grabbing a girls hand and saying, "I know you!" When you have never seen that man in your life, is also another bad one! Or, "Girl I know you have to be tired, because you have been running through my mind all day!" UGH! Is what I think when a guy tries to pick me up with these lame lines. A simple, "You're beautiful", would work. She would appreciate the compliment and continue to talk to you. 

I have had so many men grab my ass or grab my friends hands and say, "DAMN." Which will get an immediate eye roll and we will continue to walk down the street without looking back. I have also heard, "Great legs. What time do they open?" Now with this line in particular I will knee you in your balls! You might be looking for just a hook up, but not all girls are out at the bars to find someone and go home with them! They may have had a rough week, or out with their girls, or just enjoying the night! But by those horrible comments you have ruined her moment.

I recently was out and a man grabbed a girls wrist and said, "Damn, baby come home with me!" She continued down the road. I yelled at him and said that was so rude you need to be taught how to pick up a woman! And he said, "Shut Up Bitch!" Luckily for him my guy friends can be calmed down, because they were about to go after him. 

The last and worst pickup line is, "Hey girl, what’s up? Guess what? It’s your lucky day. Out of all the girls here, I picked you to talk to." That is like saying you are the first girl I saw and I am drunk and so are you, so what's wrong with this equation? Well what's wrong with this equation is the you part, meaning the man, who said that! 

Men that use pick up lines are usually testing them out on MANY women. So if you are out at the bar and a man tries to pick you up with these horrible pick up lines; walk away! Because you should be the ONE person he tries to talk too! Not just anyone who walks through the door!

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