An Askew View of A Relationship or Lack There Of


A man's poor view of his relationship with a woman or should I say non existent relationship.

The past few months I have been giving advice to a friend about his relationship with his girlfriend. Or should I say his "friend". He thought she was his girlfriend, unfortunately she never got that memo or he never got the memo she wasn't interested in a long term affair. I found out through the wonderful world of Facebook that she was with, (shocker) another guy friend of mine. And of course that guy friend of mine was someone I knew pretty well. He is the type that gets what he wants, he doesn't wait around for anyone. So I knew she was probably sleeping with him and not just "hanging" with him as a friend. But to be sure I had a conversation with my friend and once it was confirmed I called my other friend over to break the news

I normally don't get this involved in other peoples relationships and this is exactly why. Once I told my friend of course he was hurt because he really liked this girl possibly even loved her. It had been a while since he had felt something for someone and she was playing him. Well, instead of him just breaking it off like a mature 33 year old he plays a game. He texts her messages from my phone to hers from my other friend to show her what he had said to me about her and his flirtations to me. Of course nothing will ever happen between my friend and I but my other friend was using dirty tricks to hurt her because he was hurt. But in the process he has put me in the middle which is where I shouldn't be and have no desire to be. 

So since then he has found out that yes she has slept with the other guy and that she may or may not be pregnant. Which lets just hope for everyone's sake she isn't. But in the course of the past few months my friend has his heart broken and instead of blaming her, he has blamed me. Which is the exact reason why I normally don't get involved in my friends relationships. Emotions are a funny thing, they are not logical all the time and when you have things at stake you tend to act irrationally instead of logically. 

So here I am in a crossroads with a friend that I have known for years because of some 20 year old who wasn't interested in my friend to begin with. And I am to blame because it is easier to blame me since I am present and she is not. Word to the wise listen only next time!

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