It's Normal?!? Our Obsession With Famous People Explained

It's Normal?!? Our obsession with famous people explained

Although we don't like to admit it, we are all obsessed with 'celebs' and famous people.

As a child, do you remember having the poster of your favorite celebrity on the wall, even though you had never met them personally, and probably never did?

Or maybe more recently you bought a magazine while waiting in line at the shops because you wanted to know 'the goss'

We are all drawn to success. We do everything to have a glimpse of the politicians and it would really make our day if they at least noticed us. We are obsessed with celebrities. Think of Lisztomania and the Beliebers. We give the actors, the TV presenters, and the athletes superhuman status and put them on the pedestal. We want to associate with successful business people.

Some years back, Christian Ronaldo appeared incognito as a homeless person on the streets of Madrid. He performed all his favorite tricks, but he attracted only a handful of people. However, the moment he revealed his true identity, people started to follow him everywhere. Why do you think this is the case?

We form one-sided emotional bonds with successful individuals.

There is a massive industry whose core business is to bring us news about celebrities. We look for every bit of information about our idols, forming an emotional bond of sorts with them. Indeed, we have people that have become wealthy by blogging about these stars. Technology enables us to interact with our idols all day. We invest a lot of time, energy, and money in a relationship that will never be acknowledged.

Within the lives of the successful and the celebrated lie the hopes of the rest of us

We are not only drawn to celebrities, but also to people who are associated with the celebrities. Have you heard of the ‘O’ Effect?

So, the question begs, why are we drawn to fame, fortune, and success? There are various reasons why we are drawn to successful people.

They are living the ‘ideal’ life

In our eyes, successful people have everything. We all want to live better, more fulfilling and happier lives. When we look at people who are successful in one aspect of life, we tend to extend the success to other areas of their lives as well: the ‘halo effect’.So, though absurd, we expect that the billionaire is more intelligent, more moral, and more everything else that is good.

In our minds, successful people live more interesting lifestyles than ours. They are glamorous and simply fascinating. They are living the ideal life. We are therefore drawn to them because we want to see how a ‘perfect life’ looks like.

They have achieved ‘our goals’

Successful people take more holidays, spend more money, shop in designer boutiques, live in lavish homes, and throw incredible parties. This is the life we are all working towards. Following them on Instagram, trolling them on Twitter, watching them on TV, reading about them, looking over their fences and in some bizarre cases, breaking into their homes makes us feel us that we are participating and partaking in their glory in a small way.

To some extent, celebrities carry the hopes and aspirations of the rest of the society. When we associate ourselves with successful people, we feel close to them, as if those are our goals and they have achieved them for us. Until we have achieved our own goals, it is natural to envy successful people and live vicariously through them.

They possess the ‘success formula.’

Our own goals play a significant part in our attraction for successful people. There is a natural curiosity about people who have achieved what we desire. Unconsciously, we want to be like them. Therefore, we want to learn every about them: what they do, what they eat, and where they go.

This way we can do a few of the things that they do and hopefully achieve our goals. When we learn how they lost their weight or how they keep fit, we think that that is the foolproof way. We want to comb their life with a toothpick, especially if it is a life of ‘rags to riches.’ After all, we might just land on the formula for success.

Learning what a high-status individual does might just help us to become one.

Successful people inspire us.

Often times, life can get tough and it is hard to find the inspiration to hold onto hope that life will get better. That is where successful people come in. Many people rise to fame from obscurity through enormous challenges, which is why they are an excellent source of inspiration. Famous people show us that we too can achieve our goals and change our lives. They give us hope that is sometimes hard to find in our ordinary lives.

Whether we need a reason to keep fighting or the push to continue pursuing our dreams, successful people inspire it in us.

We are living in times of instant information gratification. We can connect with people that we admire in so many ways. However, let us remember that successful people are just people. They are wealthy, successful and famous, but human all the same. They have their ups and downs, their fears and joys, successes and challenges, their strengths and weaknesses, just like the rest of us.

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Indeed, some of them have some incredible flaws. Let us take the lessons their lives have to offer and the inspiration that we can draw from them; but other than that, there will not be many benefits to being hung up on their success and fame.