3 Simple Relationship Boosters for Lesbians


Fall in love all over again with these three easy-to-follow tips for lesbian couples.

Has your relationship gotten a little predictable and humdrum lately? Are you bored with your partner and need some excitement in your life? If so, don't worry. It happens to most couples after a period of time but that doesn't mean you have to continue being dissastisfied. Solve common relationship problems with these three simple and easy things you can start doing right now to create a more exciting and fulfilling relationship. 

Laugh Together
Laughing together creates a fun and positive environment in your relationship. It can make you feel more connected to each other and defuse negative emotions like anger and anxiety. Laughing together is a shared experience that will deepen your connection and make your relationship happier and healthier overall.

What are some great ways to make each other laugh? Try telling funny stories about your day, your childhood, or jokes you’ve recently heard. When all else fails – tickle them!

Touch More
Touching and being touched releases endorphins in your brain, making you feel more loved and connected to each other.  Simple touching and hugging has many health benefits, too. It can make you feel less anxiety and boost your immune system! Spend a few minutes each day hugging and cuddling. Don’t forget kissing too!

Try Something New
A shortage of new experiences is often the main cause of boredom in long term lesbian relationships. To solve this problem, try something new together regularly to beat the boredom. Adding variety can be as simple as going to a new restaurant or taking a drive around a new neighborhood. If you really want to shake things up, try taking a class together (dance classes are popular) or do something daring like skydiving. 

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This article was originally published at Lesbian Love Guru. Reprinted with permission from the author.