Bring Your Happy Back!


3 Steps to Stop Pursuing Happiness and Start Having It

I have noticed that while we all say we want to be happy, most of us spend more time pursuing happiness than we actually do living in it.

And when we see the actions we'd actually have to take for our happiness, we back down, chicken out, and let fear and false security take over our lives.

Whenever I get into a place where I my life is out of alignment with my joy, I stop and look around, see where the misalignment is and then dare myself to do whatever it takes to realign to joy - because if I'm not willing to do whatever it takes for my own happiness, who could be?

And if you aren't willing to do whatever it takes to re-align your life with your happiness - even if its scary, even if you don't know how the money will work, even it if means disappointing another - then who will?

As our own b.f.f's, we count on ourselves to make the choices that create happiness now, not someday in the future.

The goal is not to pursue happiness... it is to LIVE happiness.

Watch the transformation video I taped for you where I take you through a three stage process (that I've used myself) to bust through the 'rules' you've created for yourself based on fear - your own and others - that stops you from being able to take the acts that lead to your happiness.

Then do the three steps - which are going to challenge you to break out of the box you and society has put you in and bring you back to the middle path where you can claim your happiness today.

Then be bold and write an email that says what you are willing to do for your happiness. Send it to yourself and to three other people you know, asking them to help you hold the vision for your happiness.



About Christine Arylo
Christine Arylo, an m.b.a. turned writer, speaker and teacher, is an inspirational catalyst who teaches people how to put their most important partnership first, the one with themselves, so that they can create the love and life their hearts and souls crave. The popular author of Choosing ME before WE, Every Woman’s Guide to Life and Love, and the upcoming book Madly in Love with ME, the Daring Adventure to Becoming Your Own Best Friend, Arylo is affectionately known as the “Queen of Self-Love.” She created Madly in Love with ME, the international day of self-love (Feb 13), dedicated to making self-love a tangible reality for people around the world. Check out her free Self-Love Kit at

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