Signs You've Met Prince Charming

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Think Prince Charming doesn't exist? Think again. How to know when you've met YOUR Prince Charming.

Think Prince Charming doesn't exist? Think again. Kate Middleton found her Prince Charming in Prince William. Angelina Jolie has Brad Pitt. Victoria has David Beckham and Khloe Kardashian found her Prince Charming in Lamar Odom. What about you? How will you know when you've met your Prince Charming?

Here are five signs you've met your own Prince Charming:

1.) He loves you for who you are.  A Prince Charming will love you at your best and at your worst. He accepts and tolerates all of your faults, and never makes you feel like you're less of a person because of them.  You'll never have to feel like you can't have a bad day around him. In fact, if you do have a bad day, he'll be there for you and help you feel better.

2.) He makes you look good in public. A Prince Charming will rarely make  you feel embarrassed by his behavior. He'll treat you right in front of your girlfriends, your workmates and he'll be nice to your family.

3.) He respects your feelings.  A Prince Charming will respect your feelings even when he may not agree with them. He'll also be sensitive to your feelings and really try not to do or say things that hurt you.

4.) You share many common interests. A Prince Charming will enjoy doing many of the things you enjoy doing. You'll never have to feel like you're dragging him into something he doesn't want to do--he'll want to do it because he's with you.  While there may be a few differences in the interests you share, for the most part, you will have many things in common, and thus be able to share lots of experiences that will bring you even closer as a couple.

5.) You want the same things out of life. Your Prince Charming will want most of the things in life that you do. Marriage? Check. Children? Check. Romantic date nights? Check. Family barbecues on Sunday afternoons? Check. Your Prince Charming will never try to talk you out of the things that are important to you, because he won't have to--they'll be important to him to.

Christina Steinorth, MA, MFT is a private practice Psychotherapist and the Author of Cue Cards for Life: Thoughtful Tips for Better Relationships.  You can order her book here: