What's Your Number and how many is too many partners.


How many sexual partners is too many? In this day in age how many sexual partners is acceptable.

Some of my friends have been concerned about how many partners they have been with. Many have been with an insane amount of people and some have had sex with a relatively small amount. But my question is, where is the sliding scale? How many is too many and how many is to little? With our lives fueled by sex, I wonder if people truly think there is a specific number you should stop at or stride for?

A lot of people get judged by how many people they have been with and unfortunately get labeled as a slut or man whore because of how high their number is. But what if it's because you are going through a phase because of an old relationship? Recently many have been telling me that they have had sex because they want to feel a connection with someone, but if it is just with anyone how can you feel a connection with someone you don't know well? And just because you know their penis size does not mean you know them.

I have friends who have had sex with over a hundred people some even close to two hundred and that to me is just straight nasty! Having sex with that many people means you have an addiction or you get bored way too quick. And again for me and for studies that have been performed the sex is better the longer you are with someone.

Why do people need that many people under their belt? What happened to people having sex with people when they are in love and waited months to give them yourself? I feel that people have demoralized sex and marriage to make it so it doesn't matter anymore. I have had one one night stand and I really can't even call it that because I became friends with them after the fact. To be honest I still talk to all the people I have been with. So I am a little confused how someone who has had sex with over two hundred people could keep in contact with all of them or hell even know their names at this point. 

But besides that should you or should you not tell your partner how many people you have been with? I have always thought it was best they didn't know and I don't want to know theirs either. Why would anyone want to know how many people have been there before you? I think that is unnecessary and it shouldn't be spoken of. So how high is too high and to tell or not to tell is the question...

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