Skincare Products Devoted To Cancer Patients


The products you need to help you glow when chemo threatens to run you ragged.

This summer one of my oldest and dearest friends was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Knowing that she was going to suffer, and brave through Chemotherapy made me feel helpless, and threw me into a frenzy to find things to help ease her situation. If I couldn't miraculously heal her, than at least I could research and find products that would help make her situation alittle more bearable.

I was shocked to find how ridiculously hard it was to find a skincare devoted to patients suffering through the effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation. My super sleuthing beauty skills were put to the test, and I was outraged that nothing was out there to specifically address the effects that these horrible treatments do to Cancer patients skin.

Then I found Lindi skincare.

While exceptional for everyone, Lindi Skin products were created with the unique needs of cancer patients in mind. Our products are safe and effective for people going through cancer treatments, providing soothing relief for skin irritations and rashes.

Lindi Skin products have been clinically tested at Northwestern University and the results are fantastic:

Improved Skin-related Quality of Life
Preferred Over Other Regimens Previously Used
Improved Overall Appearance
Satisfaction Regardless of Skin Type
More Soothing & More Gentle
Absorbed More Quickly

My best friend has sworn that these products have been a blessing to her skin during chemo, and have saved her from rashes, dryness, and flaky skin. She even begged her chemo care to start carrying the products! I must say, I am so thrilled with how healthy and soft her skin looks, and it has helped her spirt immensely. This company is truly amazing.

We all have been touched in some way by this terrible disease, and next time you know someone effected, send them a Lindi gift basket. They will thank you!

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