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What's your relationship to money?

Money: It's a partnership we don't talk about much, and just like any relationship, it can feel loving and empowering or yucky and frustrating. Today, I ask, what is your relationship to money? Do you love it or hate it? Does it abuse and use you? Does it overpower you with its strength? Or do you have a healthy and whole relationship with money. 5 Ways To Stay Honest About Your Spending

For women, it can feel weird to say "I love money." But, if you're in a relationship with money (and you are), shouldn't it be loving and nurturing and adoring? Shouldn't you give and receive? Isn't that what a healthy relationship looks like?

You should be able to say "I love you" in a relationship that feels good. So, say it. Right now! Say, "I love money" and really let that land in your body. What do you feel? What do you feel in your body?

Remember, your body will know the answer before your mind ever will. So how does your body react when you say "I love money?" Do you feel fake? Sick to your tummy? Calm? Relaxed? Are you bursting with joy?

My spicy, sassy sisters, we are entering a new world; a new world that may seem foreign and dark. It's a world that says "stop, do not enter. Dangerous territory for women!" We are leading, we are visioning, we are creating, we are selling, we are birthing businesses and we're entering the world of money. We won't get into all the subconscious messaging that still exists around money.

We want to talk about healing our relationship to money so that it feels empowering, loving, and healthy. But where to start?

The first step is awareness. You can't heal your relationship to money if you ignore that relationship. Your partner doesn't like it when you ignore them and money sure doesn't like that either. Ignoring money can show up as not balancing the checkbook, not knowing how much you bring in and how much you spend, and not knowing how much you owe.

Affirmations are a last step. All the affirmations in the world can't help you, if your inner belief system still tells you "money is for men", or "money is bad", or "if I make money, I'm leaving my family behind", or the big one—ladies, meet my personal all-time, all-around, hardest to beat Good Girl Gremlin—"I'm not good enough."

The first step is honesty, awareness, and clarity. One super-mega-powerful way to bring money out of the dark and into the light is to talk about it in a circle of sisterhood. 

As women, we need to talk to other women about money if we want to heal it. We need to gather in circles—with our mothers, our sisters, our friends, with other women that we admire and love—and we need to talk about this money thing. We need to talk about how we feel about money, we need to talk about our gifts and our talents, we need to uplift each other and honor each other, we need to talk about our fears and our doubts. And then we need to talk to ourselves about money—ask ourselves how we feel about money, be honest with what we feel and ask our bodies to reveal our truth. How To Talk About Money Without Getting Upset

To the bada$$, powerful WOMAN in you,
Christina Dunbar

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