Whispers and Bricks


How to recognize your truth... before it hits you over the head with a brick

Do you listen?
Do you hear the whisper?

A sense.
A knowing.
A quiet nudge.
In your heart.
In your belly.
In your bones.
The whisper speaks.
It’s different for every woman.
Do you listen?
It’s always there. Guiding you. It’s always there. Leading you. It’s always there.
Do you listen?

Oprah says you get a whisper, then a scream, then a brick. I’ve been hit with some bricks. And they were heavy. And as I reflect back, I notice that many of the bricks came tumbling down, simply because I wasn’t willing to surrender. I wasn’t willing to surrender to the whisper that was talking to me. It was too hard. Too scary. Too silly. Too lonely. Too crazy.
But I’m not gonna lie… I heard the whisper.
And I chose to ignore it.
I was afraid of the consequences. I was afraid to shake things up. I liked to sit in my comfy cozy box of boring. I liked to “pretend” I was ok. I wasn’t taught to trust the whisper. Not many of us are. See the whisper is quiet and it’s not always a voice. Sometimes it’s a feeling. A sense, a premonition, an intuitive hit.
And sometimes, the whisper is a voice.
“Leave him, you deserve so much more”
“Start that dream career, this job won’t feed your soul”
“Speak your truth, claim your voice… don’t wait a minute longer!”

Do you listen?

I ask you with love… do you listen?

I ask because I see your truth. I ask because you’re worth more. I ask because there’s too much fear. I ask because there’s too much guilt. I ask because asking the right questions… makes all the difference in the world.
Do you listen?
Do you trust?
Do you follow?
What whisper is speaking to you now? What is calling you name? What idea, dream, truth do you want to make REAL in 2012? I’m not talking about wishes. I’m talking about real, clear, grounded visions.

Ready to make your whisper… a truth?

Join the Dec. 11th sisterhood day here: http://www.hervision.net

To your TRUTH,

Christina Dunbar