Sex, Shame & Sandra Fluke


Speak up and unleash the full potential of the sensual, spiritual woman within you!

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve heard of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who testified before Democratic members of the House of Representatives on why she believed free contraception is essential. She got a beat down of a lashing from Rush Limbaugh who called her a slut and compared her to a prostitute. Rush sent out a public apology after his rant caused him to lose several sponsors for his radio show.

This story represents on a large scale the deep wound of shame that so many feel when they speak up. Shame is the feeling that “something is wrong with me.” Shame pops up in three main areas for women: in speaking up and using our voice, in feeling comfortable with our bodies and our sensuality and in the way we mother and raise our children. Sex Video: Can A Couple Be Happy Without Sex?

In a way, shame is connected to the very things that are natural about us as women: our emotions, our sensuality and our bodies. Our media and culture is constantly bashing the feminine form in many subtle and unsubtle ways. The movie, Miss Representation paints a clear picture of how our male run media and the portrayal of women affects the psyche of girls at a very young age. We’re taught to hate the very things that make us women. We’re not meant to be logical and linear in our thinking all the time. Our emotions are the foundation of our guidance system and intuition. 7 Ways To Give Yourself Some Extra Love

We’re not meant to just serve up sex on a platter for men. Our sensuality is deeply tied to our spirituality and about our feelings of worth. Our sexuality comes from the inside out. It comes from being anchored into our power, our creativity and our desire. Interestingly enough, the feeling that blocks our second chakra (the space of sexuality and creativity) is shame. When we are in shame, our second chakra (the very area that is unique to women) becomes unbalanced. Calling a woman a “slut” or “whore” is actually the easiest way to shut a woman down because it hits us at the core of our feminine nature. The shame sets in and then the cycle begins. We feel shame while we lose a connection to our bodies and our emotions. We then disconnect from our power and we also shut down in the area of our voice. The woman is silenced. The leader within is hidden. Your Mad Money Mojo

How do we get past this wounding of shame? How do we embrace our bodies, our worth and our sensuality so we can feel confident, so we can lead and create and share our truth with the world? Sandra Fluke is doing an amazing job of standing in her power and worth. How can we do the same?

First, we must realize what we are as women. We are sensual and spiritual. We can be emotional and be good at business. We can be kind and experience anger. In a society that breeds either/or, right/wrong thinking, it is easy to get trapped in wearing one mask and judging the sexy, passionate, vulnerable shadow selves we ALL have. One of the most important things women can do is come together to heal. It is in sharing our stories. It is in speaking of our fears and our doubts that we heal our shame and embrace our shadow. While silence and isolation feed the cycle of shame, speaking up and out heals the wound. When one woman shares her truth, it allows others to do the same. SADNESS AND SURRENDER

There are tons of women’s groups and communities created to contain a space of sisterhood. I am blessed to run The Goddess Collective chapter in Los Angeles. I have witnessed so much growth and expansion in our members. In a society where women are actually taught competition, circles like The Goddess Collective (http://www.meetup.com/Goddesscollectivela/) nourish the spirit and model a different way—one where we are in harmony with our bodies and each other. As we heal on a deep level, we are able to lead, to create the careers and the money, and attract the love that we deserve. As we share and collaborate and support one another, we birth the red, hot, leader within. More and more women are finding the sisterhood and support they need to honor their wisdom, cherish their bodies, find their voice and heal the shame that has silenced them for too long.

Warm wishes to the sensual, spirutal woman within.

Christina Dunbar

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