Sometimes, we must surrender to the death of something old and the birth of something new

I push.

I shove.

I try.

I fight.

I cry.

I am victimized… but I am NOT a victim.

And all the time I want it to be different. It’s not fair. It’s not right. It’s not my truth.

And that’s the bottom line. It’s. Not. My. Truth.

And no matter how logical, how reasonable, how smart something is… if it’s not my truth, I cannot do it anymore.

But what to do when your truth does not fit perfectly with what the outside world asks of you?

One word…


Whew, sounds good right? But sometimes it feels so--well-- uncomfortable. We’re not used to surrendering. We’re used to fighting, building, creating, and that’s all good stuff when it comes to your desires… but what about when you must surrender to letting go? What about death? Destruction? Release?

And again, here comes the magic word for us women… surrender.

Sometimes, we must surrender to the death of something old, something that no longer works for our truth. No matter how unknown, how scary, how frightening, it is a natural process of life. Yes, the death of something old is the birth of something new. How much energy do you spend holding onto something that no longer fits? What does that grip, that grasp, that grope do? What is the energy behind it? Lack? Fear? Doubt?

And what does all that stress cause? Sadness? An inner knowing that you are not in line with your truth?