Holi-dazed and Confused?


Has this season lost the sparkle? 3 easy steps to have the "joy way" instead of the "oh vey."

Do you feel like boycotting the Holiday cuz it’s just not fun anymore??? Not only do the family duties fall on you, but on top of that you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the all the things you want to accomplish in the New Year.

This time of year is supposed to be joyful, but many women experience sadness and heaviness.

I can relate. I had experienced some heaviness this month. A wave of it. I saw that I hadn’t surrendered to my truth in the deepest way possible. I had only scratched the surface of my Spiritual life and it was time to go deeper. I was so busy DOING, that I didn't STOP to celebrate what I had accomplished.Instead of rejoicing in the miracles that were born, I was beating myself up for what hadn’t been created… yet.

And I say yet, because it’s coming.

It’s coming ladies… for all of us. The desires, and dreams, the love, and the abundance, the truth of who we are and what we’re capable of is being birthed right now, as we move into 2012.

This is the time to BE, to honor, to receive, and to wait.

Wait! Did I just say… wait?!

Yes all my go-getters, do-ers, movers and shakers I just said….wait.

But it’s not like you think, it’s not about boredom or lazy-ness. It’s about allowing joy in. It’s about receiving the abundance that is already here. It’s about having fun again. It’s about playing. It’s about honoring the season that says—slow down.

This season has become about the hustle and bustle, but the truth is, Mother earth is actually calling for us to slow down. Days are shorter, nights are longer, this is the time to reflect, relax, and renew. It is the time to cherish yourself, to honor your achievements, and to celebrate who you’re BEING.

I know many times us sassy spicy gals go into the New Year looking at what DIDN’T happen, instead of truly celebrating what did—all the hits and misses, all the stumbles and falls, all the peaks and mountains of the past year make us who we are—strong, resilient, magical women.

So this season, I invite you to approach things a little differently:

1. Cherish yourself. Pleasure party time! Schedule some time into your calendar for some fun (and yup, you gotta schedule it if you’re going to do it). It may be a night of dancing. It may be eating chocolate mousse while taking a rose petal bath. It may be some hot and heavy time with your partner (or yourself). Whatever it is, get it in there. Ladies, pleasure is your Divine birth right and the key to creating a life of amazing-ness is igniting that pleasure and making sure to schedule it in your busy week.

2. Honor your achievements. Set up some sacred time to write down 10 things you accomplished internally and externally. For example: internal things could be “having patience with my kids” or “stepping into confidence as I date.” External things could be “birthing a chapter of my book” or “getting a raise” Write it down and then hang it up. Look at it, take it in, and celebrate the woman that you are!

3. Slow down. Do nothing. Get cozy with a blanket. Read a book. Sip some tea. Or just take a nap. This is the time of year where it is NATURAL to slow down. Your body intuitively understands this process. So don’t beat yourself up if you sleep a bit more, if you feel like staying home, if you wanna get some rest.This is the time to renew, so you can enter 2012 feeling strong, excited, and ready. 

Happy Holidays,

Christina Dunbar