The #1 Best Gift For Your Career This Holiday Season!

Love, Self

As we run from parties to bonus reviews, have you done the best thing for your career?

d) Get your "next big project plan" rolling. What is that next thing or responsibility you need to take on to make this promotion happen for you?

e) Get your visibility plan to gether.  Who needs to know about your awesomeness? What people need to be cc'd on an email when you are talking about a recent success or win? What people should you be having coffee with so you are on their radar?

Once you map out a big goal, and then break down the steps, you feel like you are taking action! And you know what else you feel? Relief. Energy, and even a desire to wake up on January 2nd and actually get going.  It makes your year start completely differently, and it will start to change your 2013 for the better! 

So, what gift will you give your career? Let me know!

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Happy Holidays!