Love Goddess Fashion Tip–Can Feet Be Sexy?


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We Goddesses love shoes right? Well I do NOW … for a few years I was on ‘simplify my shoes’ kick and had only one pair of sensible black shoes during those dark days … but I digress. Many shoes that show off our delightful feet are open and strappy.

But what happens when you take your feet out of woolly socks for the first time in months and see just what they’ve been doing in the dark?


Ladies, scrub the bottom of your feet so they’re smooth! It just doesn’t look right to wear strappy sandals or any footwear that exposes the foot, whilst displaying dry flaky heels and white lines peeking from the sides. If you live in a cool damp climate like Ireland or England and wear closed shoes all the time, you’re probably more prone to this (Scotland doesn’t have to worry, it never gets warm enough there to wear sandals.)

There’s also something here to think about on the health side of things. It’s said that you detox A LOT through your feet - so if dry flaky dead skin is what lives on your soles, then how can all the gunk get out? And where will it go if it’s blocked? I wonder if this is why ankles get swollen … hmmm….

Here’s what I do to keep my feet soft and cute and inspiring enough for a nibble:

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