What Is Behind The Lovely Words “I Do!”?

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“I Married You For Life… But Not For Lunch!”

I heard that terrible sentence one day in a nice restaurant in Santa Fe.

The husband had an ironic smile on his face when he said that to his wife who had been waiting for him for 45 minutes. She smiled back, but you could feel that there was no peace.

In my coaching practice, I frequently meet people who got into a commitment without being clear about what they got into. The wake–up call was always unpleasant and often rocked their relationship.

Love is a beautiful feeling, and getting together with someone you love is so overwhelming that you overlook that it is not all rosy and there will be bumps on the road. 

When you are aware of what your loved one is expecting out of the relationship, you will sail better the uncharted waters of couple relationship.

In a marriage preparation program that I developed in the UK, the future bride and bridegroom were asked to answer separately a questionnaire about their perspective on married life. After completing the questionnaire they sat side by side, compared their answers and had an opportunity to identify and discuss the differences. Powerful moments!

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