5 Misleading Dating Tips Your Girlfriends Give

5 Misleading Dating Tips Your Girlfriends Give [EXPERT]

If your girlfriends are dragging down your love life down, read on!

3. "Men are intimidated by you."  This is probably the most egregiously inaccurate statement ever uttered by a female. No, men are not intimidated by you. Women take this as a compliment, and it's not. Women like to say this to each other because it implies that they (the women) are so scary intelligent, clever, successful, beautiful and witty that men immediately fear they aren't good enough for them.

When a man says it, what he's really saying is that men find that particular woman unlikeable in some way. He is not saying that men are threatened by the woman's assertiveness or outspoken nature or success. That is a fallacy. Most men are not turned off by those things. The ones that are, are men that these women wouldn't want anyway, ergo who cares what they think? A woman should take a very long pause and do some personal inventory should a man ever tell her that men find her "intimidating." Why You Suck At Online Dating

4. "You should ask him out." Unless you genuinely believe that a man is too timid or shy or otherwise in the dark about your interest, you should wait for him to do the asking. The reason is simple: because men freely admit to arbitrarily raising and lowering their standards depending on the situation. Meaning that, if sex is offered, he's likely to take it regardless of how attracted or interested he actually is. Since there isn't the rampant slut shaming amongst men like there is women, men aren't particularly concerned with being labeled "easy."

5. "Never settle." The key to dating, if you ask me, is finding and embracing your audience. Thinking that your life will play out like the plot of "She's All That" is counter-productive. Plus, let's be honest. Rachel Leigh Cooke was already beautiful before they stuck glasses and overalls on her.

If a woman sends out message after message through an online dating site and rarely to never hears back from those men, then she's going for men with many options. She can either accept her place in his harem or, if she wants something committed and lasting, get really comfortable with the idea of settling. Or she could develop her own harem and enjoy herself and stop worrying what everybody thinks.