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Ottawa ON K1Y1P2 - Canada



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Career Coach, Clergy, Counselor/Therapist, Dating Coach, Health Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Educator, Pastoral Counselor, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer, Wellness Coach, YourTango Expert Partner

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"I Am Good Enough for Me" Are you good enough for you?

About Chipo Shambare

Hello my name is Chipo Shambare your Conscious Inter-Racial Relationship/Dating and Healing Coach. I help you find relationship solutions you need to help you have a blissful loving relationship you have been yearning for.

As a Inter Cultural Relationship & Dating and healing Coach I help you on how to craft and articulate who you are, what you want & need.

I help you deal with what is preventing you from resolving some of those issues and questions that you have been challenged with. I will educate and coach you in expressing the true nature of who you are and the true nature of your spirit. Help you articulate your desires, requirements, needs and wants in your relationship.

I support and guide people in letting go of the blocks such as old baggage “and unfinished business” that hold them back from becoming who they really are, enjoying your love life be the great person you were meant to be and if single from meeting the life partner you want.

My Professional Background has been in the healing arts and science such nursing, midwifery, natural medicine as in nutrition counseling, reflexology, massage therapy, energy medicine, Medical Intuitive-spiritual counseling and healing and many other healing modalities.

I obtained my Nursing degree in Zimbabwe and my midwifery certification in England and ThM with emphasis on Medical Intuition and Archetypes Counseling in Springfield MO

Professional Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, and Certified Seminar Leader.

It all started in Zimbabwe, with my Shamanic Healer paternal grandmother as a student of this ancient practice. I then learned Western-healing arts and science became a nurse and midwife, and returned, through hands-on therapies, to an all-encompassing, whole-body practice. I focus on helping people experience consciously what is going on within and around them.

As a clinically trained, multidisciplinary practitioner, I have worked with knowledge and intuition to help people heal their many parts in order to become authentic and whole again. With immense respect for the spiritual aspects that define us, I listen compassionately, without judgment or criticism, to the people in front of me or on the phone, to their physical and energetic bodies, words, and help them welcome that one special partner who is seeking to be with them and I will guide and coach them step by step and be their support system and cheer leader.

My current work came from working with hundreds and hundreds of people. During my healing work I used coaching methods of asking questions and encouraging clients/patients to come up with the solutions they seek and I was there support, guiding system, who would unconditionally listen, probe and hold them accountable.

As your Conscious Inter-Cultural Relationship/Dating and Healing Coach I have some great news for you can learn to have fun, be successful in your inter-cultural relationship you are an or are looking for .

Starting with the no so great news, I am sure you know or have heard about the law of attraction. “Like attract like” or “Like poles attract each other and Unlike poles repel each other”. Let me put it in another way ‘birds of the same feathers flock together” What kind of bird are you? What kind of birds are you attracting?

Here is the great news, you are here now that means you in the right time and place where you are going to learn how you can be successful, happy and content in you love life or attract that special someone from a different tribe. are attracted different kinds of birds, the ones you didn’t want the ones that are not vibrating the same energy frequency as you. The ones that you thought they were your kind.

Remember the law of attraction and we are all energy and everything has a frequency, together I will help you raise your vibration to be in harmony with your soulmate

Since you are this place where you want to find “the one” I can help if you are willing to

1. Be open learn about your authentic self

2. Willing to let go your old pattern and beliefs that no longer support and serve you.

3. Willing and Open to learn

4. Be open with and to yourself

5. Be coachable

6. Be supportable

7. Be vulnerable and transparent to yourself

8. Be willing to move forward

9. More…

I am a mom and a grandmother and am still single by choice.

I have been in inter-Cultural relationship . I was born in Zimbabwe and make Ottawa Canada home for now. I have been where you are and I can relate to what you are experiencing. I love to make people laugh, I play in a marimba band, I sing, dance, love to travel and I am a people person.

Here are some of the things Clients and Friends say about me and my commitment to helping others.

I am optimist; interested in seeing others achieve their goals as long as you are committed to reaching your relationship goal/s I am your support, coach, accountability partner and cheerleader

I am trusted, honest, sincere, Authentic enthusiastic and will make sure you do what you have agreed to In my practice I discovered that many people did not feel good about themselves or know who they are, want or need in life or a relationship. I authored a book called “I am Good Enough for Me” you can find it on Amazon. At the same time when not feeling good about one’s self there is a disconnect and the relationship with the self is not there. This theory also gave me clues to look at how relationships were also suffering. Just look at our divorce rate in North America and I am sure world wide.

My favorite quote by Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I can help you become that change you want in your relationship love life and in meeting the love of your life.

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