The Best Christmas Menu/Recipes Evvaaahhhh …


Have I got the BEST full day Christmas menu for YOU!

Plus remember, the added benefit of all the recipes I’ve been sharing with you this month, is that they also support your:

  • adrenals, thyroid, immune system, hormones, sleep, gut health, and more ~ not just your waistline! (All of which we can chat more about after the holidays or in a private session ~ see my special offers below!)

In line with the rest of this 4-part series for the month of December*, you’ll find here scrumptious, oh-so-yummy AND oh-so-healthy recipes to help YOU and those you LOVE:

  • feel less stressed and have more energy on Christmas Day (or the day you find most sacred) ~ and the weeks and months after! 
  • set yourself up to have a decadent Christmas with all the frills, feel indulgent, satisfied, full of holiday spirit, and feeling good ~ while staying on track to reach your new years’ goals
  • with recipes that are simple, affordable, delicious, and an aahhhhmazing way to show your love for your partner, spouse, children, family, and friends!

(* NOTE: If you missed weeks 1 & 2, it’s not too late to check them out!  You can find Week 1’s Chocolate-Covered Cherry Smoothie (both warm and cold options), here; or Week 2’s Raw Cacao Bliss Balls & Strawberry Coconut “Cremes”, here.) 

For this week, I want you to have an entire menu of ORIGINAL, FESTIVE, SIMPLE, DELICIOUS recipes to make Christmas Day (or the day you find most sacred) a day you, and those you share it with, will remember forever!

(*NOTE: CLICK the recipe name to be taken to each specific recipe):

Ann Gibson is a Visionary Nutritionist for Adventure Wellness in Boulder, CO. You can grab a discounted copy of her eBookRecipes for the Mind, Body & Adventurous Soul by visiting her website and using coupon Holiday25 (for 25% discount off through 12/31/15), or emailing her at ann@adventurewellness.com

This article was originally published at Adventure Wellness. Reprinted with permission from the author.