Business Management

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25 years +


New Orleans LA 70131 - United States


Church, MA

Additional Expertise

Consultant, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

You must see possible in the impossible {I'm}possible to {I AM}possible

About Cheryl Magee

I am dynamic and accomplished professional born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana where I am the mother of two millennial generation adults that have taken up their mother’s spirit for equity and serving.  Although I have held many titles and directorship positions during my career, I will always introduce myself as the Servant of the Lord Jesus the Christ and a Servant Leader.  As the Executive Director of a Faith-Based Nonprofit and the CEO of my own multi-dynamic Consulting Firm, I have worked tirelessly in the Social Justice and Human Services field to empower others to reach their greatest potential despite the competing odds.  I am an author, coach, and teacher who facilitates strength-based development not as a scholar, but also as my manifestation of developing talents into strengths.  I live my unique combination of talent themes of Deliberative, Strategic, Relator, Connectedness, and Belief which have been optimized to bring me before great leaders of our generation and received invitational visits to the White House under former administrations. 

I have been an economic motivator not only for my region but the nation as well.  I have successfully raised over $40 million to be invested in my native home while aiding the Federal Government in awarding over $1 billion dollars in funding across the nation to bring needed resources to health, education, housing development, technology innovation, workforce, economic development, and youth development.  Lastly, I will tell you that I am tremendously blessed to be a blessing and would not have it any other way.  As a coach my focus is to facilitate individuals and teams to see I’m possible in the impossible by connecting with and activating their strengths producing premium performance, spurring innovation, achievement of personal and professional goals, and overall living a life of significance.