Should You Go on A 2nd Date if The 1st is Boring & Awkward?


You’re on the first date with a man - it’s awkward and boring and he asks you out again. Do you go?

There’s nothing worse than being on a first date with a new man and he’s boring or awkward.

But face it … Everybody’s Weird on the First Date!

Seriously.  It could take at least three dates for the real man to show up.  So YES!  Give it at least one more shot.  Two more if possible…especially if you need the practice and aren’t dating a lot of men you’re interested in. 

Make it your mantra to “Say YES to dating a man three times before saying NO.”

When I first met my husband, Lorenzo, while sailing the Amalfi Coast in Italy, my first impression was, “Cute. Young.  No way.”  I never considered his being a romantic possibility for me at first glance. 

Fortunately, I kept saying YES when Lorenzo invited me out or I would have missed the amazing opportunity of meeting and marrying my man

Love relationships are never a straight path.  Chances are your man will show up in the most unlikely place or at first glance appear to be the most unlikely choice.  It’s important to be willing to break out of your comfort zone, let go and give him a chance to show you what he has to offer.

Say YES as often as possible because you never know on a first date if he could be your man!

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