How To Stop Being So Reactive To Everything

how to stop being so reactive

Dissociation… Astral Travel… Lucid dreaming… Time travel.

It is interesting how closely the spiritual realm parallels “Mental Illness”

Have you ever wondered why there is no research around what happens to us when we dissociate?

We know that when a person has an adult traumatic event that there is documentation of numerous people having similar kinds of experiences… Like being able to watch the docs working on them or seeing people in the room with them. They can describe events that occurred around them or to them while unconscious. Or the near-death experiences where they experience different realms.

Those of us that dissociate have much the same experience we can watch our bodies be persecuted or we travel…

Astral Travel is the ability to project ourselves in another time… reality or dimension.

Lucid dreaming is the ability to be awake and affect the events of the “dream”

My last shrink says to me I see you. You have all the right facial expressions your responses are on point but you’re not in there. Hmm. I don’t know how to help you but you’re not in there.

Okay I was grateful for his honesty but what do you do with that. If I’m not in here where am I? If he doesn’t know how do I fix it then who does?

I went to healers. They brought me home… not sure… I felt slightly better for a few days then I was right back where I started. Empty and hollow. Like I could see the world but I couldn’t touch it

Back to the books. I follow my nose and it leads me to Astral travel… time travel… lucid dreaming. These abilities are the same action or process… same result as dissociation. We are making the choice to leave our bodies. We are interacting with other dimensions visiting different realities. It is a choice a treasured skill. Only the spiritually learned can accomplish it. The government trains their highest spies to take their essence into different spaces and see.

Okay so that’s a different conversation… one is a choice and one is a reaction… today. It was a choice the first time that we needed it. We already knew how to do it. No one had to explain it to us. And we did come back in the beginning but trauma after trauma we forgot where home was.

How cool are we for being able to do that?

Those out there who do research. Those that look at the world through adult eyes. They are trying to fix us. What if we don’t need fixing at all. What if we just need to understand.

I mean these kids were super heroes.

So here are a few tips for turning your reaction into a choice. Here’s the deal right now your magic is using you rather than you using it.

1. Each morning check in. If you can see yourself sitting there drop into your body.      Take all of your awareness to your fingers and toes. Find your pulse there.

 2. Spend 10 minutes in silence. Now I know you don’t have time or that you can’t         sit still. But you can… if you choose it.

 3. Check in periodically though out your day. Are you watching yourself move             through your day or are you seeing through your eyes.

 4. Let go of the label. We get so attached to the validation that the label seems to           bring us that we totally buy into their idea of illness. Release it. You can create         ceremony by writing all the negative words that come to your mind when                   thinking of dissociation and burn it.
 5. Do some research. Research astral travel, lucid dreaming, time travel. Let your         curiosity guide you like a child on a treasure hunt.

Here is where you got tangled up. Your child self didn’t disappear when bad things happened. She used her magic and she got the heck out of there.

Our adult rational minds cannot fix this. We have to retrace our steps. Using our magic today. We have to remember. You did that you do that. And today you can make it a choice.

I really want to speak to you about what you are bumping up against in your life so please reach out at Now remember I have a map and a flashlight and I am ready to come in and get you out of there… If You Choose!

Now just like the amazingly resilient dandelion… When We Fly… We Multiply!

What they are saying...

Cherie’s own life is a testimony to her motivation, determination, and healing power. I knew her while she still carried her childhood sorrows, and when she started seeking healing through meditation, intuition, and other spiritual practices, the transformation in her was profound. You could feel the light and joy around her, as she grew into her sacred purpose. My own life is divided like a book into two parts, and Cherie is the stitching seam that divides those parts: Part I: BEFORE I met Cherie. Part II: AFTER I met Cherie. To know Cherie is to be transformed by her. She taught me to meditate; to take responsibility for my own happiness and that of my children; to face the truth, even if it is ugly; to live in truth and authenticity, instead of pleasing or “face-flipping in order to survive; to risk rejection if that is the consequence for being real; and best of all: how to BE A MOM who honors, respects, listens to, and guides her children into their destiny. My family was torn apart by alcoholism and many other wounds. We were a mess. Cherie transformed me and my relationship with my children, who now know their worth, are also taking responsibility for their lives, and who…laugh and play again. I love her and consider her my spiritual mom, and I will forever be grateful for the difference she has made in my life.

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