Free Contraception: 1 Step Forward Or Fluke In Freedom?

Birth Control

Is complimentary birth control a step forward for women or a "Fluke" in female empowerment?

Taking responsibility for engaging in sexual activity of any kind is at the core of female empowerment. So I ask you, as proactive, liberated women, are we actually trading power instead of gaining it by standing behind such a contradictory solicitation? In truth, since prescription contraceptives don't protect against STD's, it's possible that those forced to use less expensive methods will come out even safer in the long run since secondary methods offer greater protection. Sandra Fluke Rejects Rush Limbaugh's Apology: What Do You Think?

It could also foster greater personal awareness at a time when our attention is often fractured. As far as equality, I can only imagine the slew of controversy that men asking for a lifetime supply of condoms would create. The most disturbing part of Sandra's plea, however, was her choice to use women with medical conditions such a polycystic ovarian syndrome to boost her appeal.

These women deserved an unwavering focus that highlighted their precarious position. Instead I was saddened to see Sandra, a law student and reproductive rights activist, intertwine two distinct petitions rather than use her invaluable opportunity to focus solely on those women who need the legislative distinction so desperately. Wisdom from Whitney: Put Yourself First

As a rape survivor who has utilized invaluable resources such as Planned Parenthood for testing and support after being assaulted on my college campus, I'm a champion for women's health and empowerment. We, like men, should have the right to choose what we do with our bodies.

However, we must also be consistent in our actions as well as our perspectives. To demand equality is to live what we demand. Making any resource pay for contraception related to our choices regarding sex is a contradiction rather than an exception. Sandra is young. She's part of a generation who perceive many of their privileges as rights they're entitled to.

Yet, the foundation for empowerment was laid by women who committed to a vision. They fought for more freedom and took full responsibility for whatever was associated with carrying out those choices. Embracing that freedom while arguing that someone else should foot the bill for any costs associated with our choices is inconsistent with the vision and personal accountability that these women modeled for us. Rush Limbaugh's Bold Remarks On Relationships & Marriage

This is our legacy. Let's not be confused about which path will incur a greater cost. We can either expand on what we've created, or tear down what we've built. Putting you first will ensure that you empower you. For specific ways to put you first daily, visit me at Cheers to embracing your power of choice with awareness and accountability!

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