10 Warning Signs Of Financial Infidelity

10 Warning Signs Of Financial Infidelity [EXPERT]
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Are you lying to your partner about money?

4. Borrowing money. It's really the best practice not to borrow money from friends or family. However, if you are borrowing from friends or family and asking them for a blood oath not to tell your partner, this says there's a major problem.

5. Hiding bonus money. Some think that if they get a bonus at work that it's none of their partner's business. As long as that's your agreement up front, it's not a problem. But, if you are getting a bonus and you are hiding it purposefully, there is a problem. If you find letting your partner know means that they will spend it without consulting you, that's a problem, as well. Financial Infidelity: 7 Hints He's Lying About Money

6. Lending money. Giving money to a friend or family member can be problem, depending upon the agreement you have with your partner. If your family member has "borrowed" many times from you, and your partner has made it clear they do not want to lend them money again and you give it away anyway, then that's an issue.

7. Opening a P.O. Box. Obviously, there are good reasons to open a Post Office Box where you wouldn't be hiding anything. The question is: Does my partner know I did this and if not, why not?

8. Hiding the credit card bill. If you are hiding any bill where you know your partner would get upset if they saw it, there is a major problem here. 5 Signs Of Financial Infidelity In Your Relationship

9. Forgery. If you are signing your partner's name without their knowledge, this is called forgery and it is a crime.

10. Stealing. If you are taking money out of your joint account and hoping your partner will not notice, or you're taking money out of their wallet without telling them, you are stealing. This needs to be looked at so you can understand the feelings behind the action.

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