Why A Life Of Happiness Should Taste Like Coffee


My life is as good a premium coffee.

While watching television with my daughter, I saw this commercial which said that a life full of happiness should taste like Diet Coke. My daughter and I both agreed that life would be grand if it tasted like Coca Cola, but then I thought life should taste like coffee. Obviously, I am a coffee lover.

On further discussion, we were trying to figure out what life would look like if it tasted like our chosen flavor. My daughter being 10 years of age, thinks life should always be sweet, literally, candies every day and no vegetables, of course. She also said she shouldn't have to clean her room, and she should get to play soccer every day. That sounds like a sweet life to me.

I believe my life taste like coffee. "What would that look like?" you might be asking. Well let me tell you. It would be desirable both warm and cold. Like coffee, a full life is complex: strong but delicate, bold and nutty with a rich and smooth texture and heaviness on the heart and tongue, with a taste and desire that lingers on. Sometimes, depending on what one is putting into their life, it is full of sweetness like creamy caramels or dark chocolates and raspberries. Like coffee, life should be pleasing, but crisp and sharp. Like coffee, life should be well-balanced in flavor with qualities that work in harmony so that no one aspect out plays or over shadows the others.

Rich in happiness, love and knowledge, and full to the last drop. But when your cup is half full as it will certainly become at times, you simply fill it back up by surrounding yourself with positives; your favorite people, hobbies, reading a good book, taking a walk, or maybe even a vacation, whatever you need to rejuvenate and recharge your life.

Just the same as you might do for your energy with a strong cup of coffee.