Keep Your Love ALIVE With These Sweet, Special Relationship Tips


Never forget to show your spouse how much you love them.

As an Orange County matchmaker, helping my clients to keep love alive is always on my mind. This last July I lost someone very dear to me. I was deeply sadden for my loss until I stood by the very place I said goodbye to her husband a little over 20 years ago. Soon, Terry would join her one and only love, Howard.

As a matchmaker, my goal is to emulate what these two had for all my clients. It was never enough for either one of them to express their love for each other with words; they strengthened their relationship with actions and mutual respect.

Terry would often find herself walking in the bathroom to a message on the mirror written in lipstick saying, "I love you." When she would pull down the toilet paper, she would find humorous love notes, or a simple "good morning" from Howard before he left for work.

Every Christmas card and tag he gave her said, "To: Pretty Face," along with the most thoughtful and sentimental gift. Her Valentine's Day card said, "To my wife, my life."

I held these thoughts on paper, on cards, and even toilet paper, reading one after another at her wake and listening to her children tell me of their romantic evenings together as if they were just dating. It was these precious mementos that reminded her she was loved for over 20 years, and no other man would ever be a thought. 

Simply put, when you love someone, actions do speak louder than words. Flirt with your partner and keep the relationship fresh. Write notes so when you are not around, she/he will have something to hold on to. Find a term of endearment that is special and only for your loved one. These are simple actions with consistency that produce amazing results.

I wish you all a love like my friends had. 

Kim Song, VIP Orange County matchmaker at Elite Connectionswww.EliteConnections.com. 800-923-4200.