Think Positive! 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Mood

Think Positive! 3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Mood [EXPERT]

Have you been doubting yourself lately? Shift your thinking with three easy steps.

Imagine how your life could improve if you could shift your state of being, attitude and mindset gracefully and easily anytime you choose. The secret is that you can, following three easy steps.

I was attending a convention recently that I have gone to for the last five years. This year, as I stood sentinel at my booth, I felt tired. People smiled and said hello as they walked by, but few were stopping to visit. My insecurity activated my doubt and I began to wonder why I was there. 5 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Self-Confidence

The internal dialogue kicked in as I began to convince myself I should retire early and cut my trip short. Luckily, I stopped for a moment, and caught myself in the act of a negative thinking downward spiral. I stopped, took a breath and asked myself why I was there and what I wanted to create.

That answer was simple. My intention was to book business and to network. But, since I had little enthusiasm about this at the moment, I opened up to an intention that would support me in this moment. I proactively decided my intention was to have fun, meet new people and create business opportunities, but to put the emphasis on having a good time.

The belief I chose to use to reinforce this idea was, "I have fun wherever I go." Within minutes, a woman I have known for many years stopped by and we had a lighthearted chat. She invited me out to have a drink with her and some friends. Aligned with my new intention, I agreed.

I stopped by the restaurant that night and ended up having the time of my life. Not only did I meet new people, but I was booked to speak and picked up some new business at the same time. 15 Make-Or-Break Ways Your Self Esteem Affects Your Relationship

By shifting my thinking, I was able to exceed my expectations. Forget trying hard. Learn to shift on a dime by choosing to set empowering intentions and beliefs for yourself. This will support you in changing your life. Now that's powerful.

Here are the three steps to shift your thinking:

1. Choose an intention that will shift your reality, including how you feel right in the moment.

2. Decide what is the highest/best belief you could choose to support this new intention.

3. Allow the shift to occur. It may start internally; as you notice it, you'll feel differently. Or, you may
notice it first externally around you as your circumstances or the people around you shift. Over 40 & Single? How To Exude Confidence

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