Transforming Divorce Pain to Possibilities


Discover new tools that reduce the pain of divorce and revitalize your life.

What if the dissolution of a marriage could be a crash course in discovering outdated and limiting belief systems and thought patterns about life, love, relationships, family, and money and letting them go forever? 

Would your pain have less sting and more promise if you could discover what you needed to learn about yourself? Would that allow you to experience the quality of life that you desire through the process of your divorce?

Imagine discovering new tools that reduce your pain. These tools will allow you to distance yourself from the negative and fearful thoughts that pop up in your head. The ones that confound and prevent you from being proactive. See yourself being able to choose thoughts that are life enhancing and affirming. Consider how it would feel to be more comfortable asking for and receiving assistance while moving out of your old life into your new. 

The turbulence and emotional turmoil of divorce is real and significant. Going it alone, limiting yourself to what you already know and do, inhibits change and growth. 

The skills, perspectives and tools we are about to introduce, support you in building your ability to exhibit influence within your situation. While it is impossible to "control" the situation, you can develop strategies that allow you to navigate your situation masterfully. You will be able to navigate towards an outcome of your choosing. This is a healthier and far more effective approach than feeling powerlessness. You don't have to experience the situation as tumbling out of control or in the control of someone who does not have your best interest at heart. 

The information, perspectives and practices in our Newest eBook, Stepping Out of Divorce, will allow you to experience a control. Something once thought impossible in the midst of the turbulence of the unpredictable unraveling of a familiar way of life, however comfortable or uncomfortable it has been.

You can download a Free copy of Stepping Out of Chaos by visiting our website at JourneyBeyondDivorce.com or clicking here.