The Academy Awards & Your Love Life


Learn how this relaxation exercise can improve your love life.

What could the Academy Awards possibly have to do with your love life? Well, unless you have direct access to Bradley Cooper (who proclaims that he's looking for love btw) and he decides to bring you down that red carpet as his date, you might think that those two aspirations have nothing in common.

But, in a world where having even the slightest edge can give you the hugest advantage, the following ages old exercise offers exactly that.

Start by either standing or sitting comfortably with your back straight and your feet firmly on the floor. Breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth four times. Fifteen seconds between each breath. Pull in a deep, deep breath that fills your belly. All the while visualize a large white bubble above your head and "see" whatever would be your perfect outcome as far as your love life is concerned happening inside that bubble. Can you "see" yourself sitting at a small cafe and sipping wine with your paramour? Or walking down the aisle — wedding or grocery — together? Really use your imagination to make this dream come true.

Hold the breath in for a few seconds. Continue creating your visual inside that white bubble above your head right before blowing the breath back out through your mouth (like whistling hard), but, (and here's the magic sauce) blow this Chi or this breath or this intentional energy, hard, into the image in the bubble.

Wait fifteen seconds and do it again. Don't change the visual — keep it constant. Repeat this entire exercise four times, waiting fifteen seconds before taking in the next breath. Nice and easy does it lover. You can practice this as often as you like prior to or even during any event and/or meeting or just simply walking the dog. It will, without question, give you an edge and will give you opportunities to make it work for you. Really, go ahead and work it! You'll love that you did! XXOO Ellen

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