Yes, You Can!


Don't let others limit your goals and keep you from making your dreams reality.

Do people limit themselves?  When asking that question hundreds of times the answer is invariably yes.  One of the reasons coaching is so effective is that the coach is completely focused on the client and the success of the client – the coach believes in the client’s abilities.  With that kind of unconditional support the client is empowered to move past their own doubts and the concerns that arise.

Here is an example of what happens for many: Kelly wants to start a small business.  Kelly’s parents are worried about Kelly having a stable, happy life so they talk about getting a job first to learn about business.  Kelly’s professors teach that most small businesses fail.  Kelly graduates, marries, and starts a family.  Kelly finds a job in a small business to learn and the business goes under.  Kelly talks about the goals of a business and Kelly’s spouse points out the needs of the family.  Kelly puts the dream away and forgets about it.

How do we limit ourselves?  It starts with thinking – yours and that of others.  Humans follow the path of least resistance and that leads downhill – we have a tendency to focus on the negative.  This in turn limits our expectations.  Along the way, life happens and takes us along a path of necessity.  The way we express all of this through language gives us permission and actually supports limiting ourselves. 

So how are people successful?  Or another way of asking is: How do we move past limitations?  It starts with the awareness of what is happening and choosing a different approach.  Working with a life or business coach may be just the ticket to moving forward and realizing your dream!


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