Should You Hire A Dating Coach?


Learn how a dating coach can sharpen your dating skills and expand your horizons.

What does a dating coach do?  A dating coach works with individuals in all stages of dating.  For some it is preparation, for others it is exploring where and how to date, and still others focus on their interpersonal or social skills.

Specifically, in preparing for dating, a coach may ask the coaching client to consider what they want out of the dating process and what they want from a relationship.  The coach will ask the client to explore characteristics that are important for them in a prospective partner.

When a dating coach is working with a client on where and how to date, the coaching sessions might focus on ways or places to meet people.  Alternatively, the coach and coaching client may explore places to go on a date.

A dating coach that is working with a coaching client on interpersonal or social skills explores with their client their awareness of these skills, strengths and weaknesses.  The coach and coaching client then strategize enhancing the client’s skills. For the coaching client, the benefit of a dating coach includes awareness, skills, process, and confidence.  For their future dates or partner the benefits include a positive interaction.


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