Should You be a Coach?

Should You be a Coach?

Is it time to consider new career options? Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the US

Many people find that they are coaching informally because others naturally gravitate to them for advice.  Do you enjoy motivating others and helping them to be their "best selves"?  Does working with others energize you?  Are you doing what you want to be doing in your career?  The answers to these and other questions will help to determine whether you should consider becoming a coach.

Coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the U.S.  There are countleses niche markets for coaches from whole person coaching (sometime called "Life Coaching") to wellness coaching, dating coaching, money coaching, and also business and exective coaching.  What is your background?  What excites you?  What skills can you use to help others?

Becoming a Certified Professional Coach will provide the framework and process for coaching in any area you choose.  Most newly certified coaches practice coaching  in their current jobs or they start part-time coaching practices by networking with friends and family to get their first clients. Coaching can provide excellent part-time income and can be built into a well paying full time career with time and commitment.

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