Avoid Blame - Focus on the Solution!


Use coaching techniques for effective conflict resolution whether in your personal life or at work.

Perhaps you may recall a conversation when the focus on the problem was like quicksand pulling people into a blame game.  The ideal is to address the problem and move forward.  Coaching skills create the forward focus and add value in daily interactions.

How does it benefit you to know a simple approach that ensures respectful understanding while focusing on the solution?  Coaching professionals realize that the forward focus supports positive results.

For results, start with a coaching technique for shifting the focus by asking, “What exactly is the situation now?”  With this question you start on the same page.  Then move the focus forward by asking, “What do you want to have happen?”  Then begin planning by asking, “What are the action steps to get there?” Sometimes during the conversation and sometimes later ask, “How can this problem be prevented in the future?”

Sometimes it is appropriate to challenge current actions as an alternative to asking ‘why’ someone is doing something.  Try asking “What do you think will happen by doing that?”  This question motivates stopping and considering the possible consequences of actions before continuing.

Imagine the impact this coaching technique will have when dealing with a problem.  What are the implications for your relationships both personal and at work?

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