How To Find An ADHD Coach For Business & Life

Entrepreneurs & professionals with ADHD can excel faster and thrive with an ADHD trained coach.

Have you struggled when finding an ADHD Business Coach? If you've tried to juggle business priorities and your sanity as an entrepreneur you may have ADHD. Whether your curse is too many ideas, inability to focus, or hyper-focusing on the wrong things, time and resources are limited. Many entrepreneurs have great ideas, yet if you have few real results, you may need some guidance. So finding an ADHD business coach may be a good next step.

Did you know

Many entrepreneurs have ADHD. ADHD can enhance a person's ability to make decisions, think on their feet, and take risks. The classic ADHD superpowers of impulsivity, hyper-focus, initiating action can be traits that an entrepreneur needs for success. The many long nights and endless resilience necessary during startup can wear anyone down. And, this in a way is why the entrepreneur's lifestyle can be very attractive to someone with ADHD. However, these superpowers can also be devastating blind spots in business.

Many people with ADHD are an endless source of creative ideas. However, turning a great big creative idea into a business requires many, many steps. And, there are limitations to what someone can feasibly accomplish and sustain alone. And while creativity and big ideas are incredibly helpful to birthing a business,  ADHD can also hinder your ability to get it all done. So if you find yourself strung out yet over a barrel chasing your business dreams, now may be a good time to find an ADHD business coach.

ADHD Limitations

Some of the key challenges for adults with ADHD are:

  • focusing on the right things at the right time - Since executive functions can be impaired, sequencing what to work on when can cause total shut down,
  • prioritizing and managing time - spending your time on the highest payoff tasks while avoiding procrastinaion,
  • temper and emotions - the overactive amygdala is the part of the brain responsible for survival. Too often ADHD folks are hung up in a fight, flight, or fear habit that interrupts productivity,
  • making timely decisions - if everything is important, how do you decide?
  • finishing projects - let's face it, starting is a heck of a lot more exciting. When the real work happens, dopamine peters out and so does your ability to finish what you start,
  • planning - why plan when you're better at impulse and spontaneity? 
  • staying organized - this all-important truth to productivity is often just too boring for most ADHD folks...

All of these items listed above can impair your productivity. And, when you struggle with these things above, launching, growing or managing your successful business can be overwhelming.

Finding an ADHD Business Coach can help you make decisions, focus on the right things, sequence tasks effectively so your goals are met more often, regularly review your schedule so you can prioritize and manage your time effectively. An ADHD Business coach can help you systematize your workflows, develop strategies and repeatable processes that once documented can be delegated to others. You don't have to do everything all by yourself. An ADHD-trained business coach helps create the supportive environment you need to not just plant your ideas, but allow them to grow and thrive.

Difficulties when finding an ADHD Business Coach

Finding an ADHD Business Coach can be elusive, however. It seems like everyone is hanging a shingle out as a coach these days. So it has become a bit of a 'Buyer Beware' conundrum. Since many coaches work virtually, few have brick-and-mortar locations. So to find an ADHD Business Coach that is right for you will require research. You'll want to check legitimate resources and lists to adequately explore the coaches out there and then decide.

ADHD Coaches are trained life coaches who endorse and accept the coaching definition and ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches (PAAC). Many ADHD coaches have extensive backgrounds and expertise in many areas so it's important for you to do your homework into someone's professional background. Additionally, many have specific training and expertise in coaching people and/or groups affected by ADHD. 

Best ADHD Coach Resource Directories

If you've ever wondered how to find an ADHD business coach that is right for you, there are several ways. There are three international associations who've vetted and listed certified, credentialed coaches gathered for you. Here's where to start when finding an ADHD Business Coach:

  • ADHD Coaches Organization - The ACO is the worldwide professional membership organization for ADHD coaches, members, and the public. As a 501(c)6 non-profit association they are committed to advance the profession of ADHD coaching worldwide.
  • CHADD - This international organization believes in improving the lives of everyone with ADHD and serves an important role in the community. Membership in this group is very inexpensive and they offer local chapters and endless online (many free) resources to the ADHD community. They also have an online directory to help with finding an ADHD business Coach.
  • - This is another premium resource for the ADHD Community.


Entrepreneurs & professionals with ADHD are flush with ideas, yet sometimes struggle with sanity! When you find the right ADHD Coach, everyone wins. You'll have a framework, accountability and a downbeat to get things done. If you want to grow a business, avoid pitfalls, and succeed without burning out, finding an ADHD Business Coach will help. Your business success depends on the best parts of you. Coaching helps you stay accountable, corral creativity, land ideas, and create sustainable healthy habits that support your success. Together we will explore strategies to clear the fog and design flexible frameworks to help you stay productive. Through deepening awareness, you'll hack your focus formula, limit what you take on, and finish what you start.

Since your personal and business successes are based on decisions and results, I can help in all aspects of work, launching and growing your small business, and balancing your work and life.

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This article was originally published at Cena Block, Sane Reprinted with permission from the author.