Vulnerability: The Unsung Path To Finding The True You


Being vulnerable seems counter-intuitive, but it's the key to wholehearted living and loving!

A friend (thanks Brother J) sent me a video link to Brene Brown talking about the power of vulnerability. Here it is, if you’re interested: Brene Brown, "The Power of Vulnerability".

What a great way to start my day! To understand more clearly what God has graciously revealed to us through Jesus Christ, the one who became vulnerable to fully empathize with us and reconcile us to God!

Vulnerability is divinely powerful, like raise-the-dead powerful.

It may not be of interest to everyone, but those who desire to live wholeheartedly will resonate deeply with this. If we want to be true to who we are, we must be fiercely vulnerable. For to be vulnerable is to be truly alive. What does it take to be vulnerable? Brene shared 3 C's — courage, compassion and connection. I love how she unpacked them:

Courage: Telling your true life story with your whole heart; having the courage to be imperfect.

Compassion: Having compassion for yourself; treating yourself kindly in light of your imperfections / mistakes / failures, ie. things that cause you shame.

Connection: From wanting to be authentic, let go of who you should be in order to be who you are.

My addition to her thoughts about connection is that who we are is infinitely greater than who we think we should be. This is Jesus' call to discipleship, "If anyone comes after me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross, and follow me." Denying self is letting go of who you think you should be. Picking up the cross is embracing vulnerability. Following him is becoming who God made you to be, the real you. Think about that. Today, there is someone hidden by your lack of vulnerability, but when you become vulnerable, that someone is brought to life and you discover that is who you really are, and it's not who you think you should be. You are actually so much more than your limited ideas of yourself! That kind of actually blows my mind.

Fully embrace vulnerability; what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful and Christlike. Be willing to say I love you first. Do something where there are no guarantees. Invest in a relationship that may or may not work out. Wow, that is so real. Thanks Brene for helping me see.

"Vulnerability is the core of shame and fear and struggle for worthiness; but also the birthplace of joy, love, and creativity." Brene, you are genius!

Brene went on to share that as she learned this, she actually had a breakdown which turned out to be a spiritual awakening. Funny, it sounded so much like what Jesus taught in His Sermon on the Mount. There He listed 8 attitudes for ultimate blessing and they went from awareness of spiritual poverty to purity of heart which resulted in peace making ability and resolute conviction - in other words, whole hearted living!

We can try to fight this universal power of vulnerability, but in the end, we will lose, like 6 feet-under kind of lose. Some of us fight by trying to numb vulnerability throuh over spending, over eating, over working, basically falling to addictions. But all that ends up happening is we become disconnected from reality. Others of us try to make uncertainty certain; we're driven to control and organize to get rid of the discomfort of chaos. And many of us blame as a way to discharge pain and discomfort. But in this fight, if we can lose to vulnerability while we are still breathing, we will win our lives back from denial, numbing lifestyles, pretension, violence, and even hypocrisy! Keep reading...

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This article was originally published at Family Connections Coaching . Reprinted with permission from the author.