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Chaska MN 55318 - United States



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Author, Career Counselor, Counselor/Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Psychotherapist, Spiritual Healer, Wellness Coach

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Your most vital relationships are the ones between you and our Higher Self and you and your inner child. Your most intimate relationships with others offer the opportunity to perfect your authenticity and provide the gateway to your own Divine nature.

About Cathryn Taylor

How do you Heal your Past When It Just Won’t Go Away?”

Leading inner child expert, Cathryn Taylor, has been responding to questions such as this since the publication of her bestselling “Inner Child Workbook” in 1991, which is still in print and has been translated into Spanish, Dutch, Korean, Czech, and Romanian. Throughout her 40-year career, she discovered, “if your pain does not go away there is still a spiritual purpose to it.”

Cathryn’s unique healing approach identifies and resolves this spiritual purpose by addressing every aspect of the psyche ― body, mind, heart, and Soul.  Her Signature 7-Layer Inner Child and Soul Trauma Healing Process (further illustrated in this YouTube playlist) is a method of transformation that can be effectively used to heal every relationship in which you are involved ― irrespective of the time and place in which that relationship exists or existed.

Over the past twenty years, Cathryn has enhanced her expertise in the mental health field and the arena of the Inner Child and Soul by adding supportive training in accessing your Akashic Records (the records of the Soul), and by obtaining certification in the revolutionary, energy therapies of EFT or energy tapping, (which gave birth to Cathryn’s signature brand of tapping she calls, Interactive Tapping) and TRE®, David Berceli’s Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises.  Cathryn’s advanced method of Interactive Tapping™ uses targeted EFT sequences to interactively address relationships of all kinds. Her integrated approach of the TRE® protocols provides a vehicle for releasing the stress contractions stored in your body which sabotage success and health.

According to Cathryn,

We are constantly responding to the relationships in which we are involved. Whether it is with another, with our bodies, our pets, or our inner selves, we are interacting. If there is a conflict, tapping offers relief and TRE® offers release. Combining this weave with the wisdom from your Soul makes this healing modality one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly processes available. Simply put, your Akashic Records provide the context of your challenge. Interactive Tapping™ neutralizes the conflicts and reinforces resolution. And TRE® activates your central nervous system’s innate way to release tension and trauma. Each energy therapy is ultimately designed to be self-administered. They not only sustain the transformation that occurs through this process but can also be easily added to your unique recipe of healing.

To experience a more personal description of Cathryn’s work please feel free to click on the YouTube links below:

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