Are You Contributing Positive Feelings In Your Relationship

Be happy with yourself first

Learning to be happy with yourself can reflect a healthier relationship with your partner

Some couples live in this question for years, if not decades. Shuffling about in the emotional storm zone of analytical chaos about whether a relationship is worth staying in ... or not. As a intuitive practitioner, I hear this question almost daily in client sessions. At what point do we really know on every level, if we are truly better to 'go it alone,' or to 'recommit and move forward together' in a current relationship?

Every couple faces this crossroads at some point. What is truly fascinating about all healthy relationships is the 'happiness' factor. Have you ever noticed the more you choose to live a happy life yourself, the more your relationships tend to reflect that same happiness? Often times this gets flipped backwards or turned inside out. I often see clients waiting anxiously (or resentfully) for their partner's behavior to change, so then they can get the love they want. Yet this same person is often not happy themselves.

When you do not love you and are not happy in your own life first, can anyone else do this for you? There is a saying "you take you with you." And it is true. What is also true, is that if you clean up what you do not like and get happy while you are still in your current relationship, things will change. You then can reconfigure your energy in a way that can either gravitate you into 'happy together,' or you will get crystal clear that you are desiring a new possibility elsewhere. If you would like to explore your relationship and your own personal get happy plan, please see Life Sessions available internationally at www.holisticmedium.com