Always trust your dreams. What unique dream wants to be birthed into the world through you?

I was flipping through an old journal this morning, looking for some notes I’d taken a while ago. I wish I could say my journals are organized, and that things are easy to find, but that’s just not true. My journals are a jumbled mix of notes to myself, middle of the night inspiration, meditative writing, to do lists, quotes and other tidbits of inspiration. I didn’t find the thing I was looking for, but I did come across these random notes I’d jotted down for a talk I gave recently on Birthing Your Dream. I was moved as I reread the words on the page so I thought I would share them, hoping that they might move you as well. I believe that we all need a reminder of our beautiful, unique and oh-so important selves once in a while.

Always trust your dreams. They have chosen you as much as you have chosen them. You would not have your dreams if you were not meant to bring them into being.

What are you pregnant with? What is waiting to be birthed by and through you? That which you are seeking to birth into the world is also seeking to be birthed by and through you.

There are no accidents. No matter what the story of your own birth or up bringing, planned or not, much loved or not, you are here on purpose. If there is only one thing you remember from this post, remember this, hold it in your heart, and return to it when you reach those places in your birthing process that are uncomfortable, painful or even frightening. Know this with every cell in your body.

Purpose can be defined as the reason for which something exists. Everything, including you, has a unique purpose. You chose, on a Soul level, the perfect set of circumstances from which to birth your dream into manifestation. The reason you came into being during this particular place and time was divinely and perfectly orchestrated and can only become manifest through you. This purpose, this dream, can only reach its full magnificent expression through you.

You are here to birth your own unique contribution to that world. Imagine the kind of world you want to live in and have your children’s children live in. We are here collectively to birth a new and beautiful future for all of humanity. Each of you, and all of us together, decided long ago to be on the leading edge of this exciting and critical transformation.

You are here to impress the energetic imprint of your dream for humanity upon the quantum field of infinite possibility. Know this to be true with absolute certainty and with every cell in your body. Say it outloud to yourself a few times like you mean it. Say it to yourself until you really get it. Then say it a few more times for good measure. Feel the truth of it and embody that truth so that you can call on it when you get lonely, confused or scared.

If you would like support to conceive, clarify, or create your dream I would be honored to serve as your Dream Doula, to walk beside you, to witness and celebrate your birthing process .


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